Drop in Bullpup kit for SCAR H

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes this odd drop in lower receiver for the 7.62x51mm SCAR Heavy platform, turning it into a Bullpup. It didn’t gain much success, as the talk on the internet and the apparent release date was back in 2013, but it is an interesting concept to say the least. Currently I can only find 3 photos of it on various forums and all of them are for the SCAR H, none for the 5.56x45mm SCAR L. It appears to be a polymer lower, with the trigger group forward of the magazine, and forming a buttstock that contours with the edge of the end of the upper receiver. It looks like a black and a tan version were produced, but there are more pictures on the internet of the black version. It also appears to be using internal SCAR parts for the bolt release, and magazine release, presumably from the end users now discarded lower receiver. The pistol grip is using an AR attachment method, as one picture shows a Hogue like grip attached to it. Just from examining the rifle, the biggest problem would appear to be the cheekwield, which would be directly on the top picatinny rail. And the reciprocating charging handle, which would probably have to be moved to the opposite side of whatever dominant hand the shooter is using. I can imagine the pain one would feel of a charging handle slapping you in the cheek bone or nose from the sheer position of it.

    The amount of gas coming out of the bolt slot can’t be at all comfortable. The biggest design hurdle here would have to be the trigger transfer bar, which I assume runs through a slot on the right side of the rifle, as all the pictures are showing it from the left side, and thus the better looking side if there were a bulging transfer bar slot. If any readers have any information on this design, I would be curious to know more about it.

    img_4410 bullpup17

    And of course, we have the Airsoft version, where would we be without Airsoft….


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