[Big 3 East] USA Chemical Supply Exploding Targets


    Photo by John Milton Peterson

    The past two Big 3 East media events have had a grand finale of blowing up a car. This past event in March they blew up two cars. USA Chemical Supply is the company that supplied and sponsored the event with their exploding binary targets. Why should you care? Because they sell a lot of binary targets for really really cheap. They sell binary targets in bulk 50lb increments. A 50lbs target only cost $79.99. I checked shipping and to my house it is only $21.05. That comes out to just a little over $2 a lb of exploding binary target. Your typical exploding targets, like Tannerite, are usually around $9-10 per pound.

    Here is a video from last October’s car explosion.


    And here is a video from last month.




    Now it goes without saying, read the instructions online. Be safe and smart about using this stuff. It is fun but fun in excess can be dangerous. Don’t lose a leg because you are dumb and shooting a lawn mower way to close. Don’t be that guy.

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