POTD: Backup AR15 . . . Way, Way Back There.

    Tactical Universal Clip posted this on their Facebook page and they are proud of it.  I get it, the product has its uses. But c’mon, this? This is just wrong. Sure it is a neat idea to be able to hang your AR on the back of your tactical vest. But one simple problem arises. How do you even get to the gun to use it? No manner of reach around behind yourself will get to that gun as quickly as using a sling. The other glaring issue is you are not really in control of that rifle. Anyone can come up and take it off your back and use it. I suppose if you are really special and in a tactical team stacked up to breach into a room it would be handy for your team mate to be able to grab a spare AR off your back. But other than that, this seems useless for anything other than hanging your rifle out for display.