Liberty Cans Cosmic Suppressor

    I got my hands on a Cosmic X Liberty suppressor from Silencer Shop to try out on my Glock 41 and Glock 21. I am using a Lone Wolf threaded barrel for my Glock 41 and Glock 21. As you can see from the photo above, the Cosmic is rather long. It is longer than my Glock 41 slide and longer than my KRISS Vector extended magazine; if you do not include the 3D printed speed plate. Although the Cosmic is long, it is rather light weight. It is made of Stainless steel and titanium and only weighs 9.5 oz. Of course shooting 230 gr .45acp is as expected. . . quiet.  I wanted to see what a monocore suppressor was like. I did not notice much difference other than the size of the can compared to a SilencerCo Osprey. The Osprey is 8.06″ long while the Cosmic suppressor module alone is 8″. With the direct thread nielsen device mount, the Cosmic measures 9.5″. With the tri-lug mount, the Cosmic measures 9,25″.



    With the size of the Cosmic and my KRISS Vector extended magazine, the SureFire X300U looks a bit minuscule. So on the advisement of a friend online, I supersized the weapon light to match the oversized scale of this setup and went with my SureFire M111D with KX9 LED head.


    I was able to mount the Cosmic monocore to my  CZ Scorpion EVO3 with the help of a Manticore tri-lug adapter and Liberty’s tri-lug mount.IMG_1089 IMG_1092 IMG_1098


    Cosmic can on Zenith MKE Z-5RS.

    There is an issue when using the tri-lug mount from Liberty. It was a bit too tight for my Zenith Firearms  MKE Z-5RS and Manticore tri-lug adapter. I spoke with Sven of Manticore arms and he assured me his tri-lug adapters are to H&K specification. The Zenith MKE MP5 is made from H&K tooling so it should also be in the same specs with regards to the tri-lug. However there was still an issue with the Liberty tri-lug mount. First of all it physically would not fit on the Manticore Arms tri-lug adapter. The tip of the adapter was just too wide for the Liberty mount. By a couple thousandths of an inch. Under Sven’s recommendation, my friend Brian helped me chuck the adapter into his lathe and we used emery cloth to reduce the OD of the adapter tip.  The tri-lug mount would fit on the MKE Z-5RS but after shooting a magazine worth of ammo, the suppressor did not want to come off the Z-5RS. No it wasn’t heat expansion or carbon build up. There is a sleeve inside the tri-lug mount and the tolerance of that sleeve is just too small. I can feel it doesn’t sleeve over the Z-5RS as smoothly as my modified Manticore adapter. The suppressor did come off with brute strength but it was difficult. It was rather annoying.

    Other than that issue, the can is a lot of fun. It does very well with the intended caliber, .45acp. With 9mm it did surprisingly well with 135gr  sub sonic loads and 124gr NATO ZQI ammo. 115gr were hearing safe but I could hear the echo of sonic boom in the valley we were shooting in.

    Here is a list of approved calibers that can be run through the Cosmic.

    454 Casull
    45 Long Colt
    45 ACP
    45 GAP
    44 Remington MAG
    44 Special
    41 Remington MAG
    41 Action Express
    40 S&W
    10mm Magnum
    10mm Auto
    .400 corbon


    They do not list 9mm, .300blk sub sonic or other calibers. We can tell from the video above that it does a decent job for 9mm. Time will tell when I get a 9mm specific can and test my Scorpion, Z-5RS and some other 9mm carbines. I got a Tavor coming in to test and will be suppressing it.


    For more information about the Cosmic suppressor go to and

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