Police Riot Shield

    Elite Guard VIP posted this on Facebook. It is an impressive transparent polymer shield used for Riot Police. The shield looks like it can take quite a lot of punishment.


    They drive a truck over it. Then have some hooligans go to town with an assortment of common weapons. The axe and sword surprised me. I thought the shield would be compromised by either of them but it held up just fine. Then they stepped it up with a 3mm shot shell. I am not familiar with that size, does anyone know what that equates to in normal shotshell size?  I am not sure why the police officer had to stand behind the shield while they shot at it and then later lit it on fire. If you notice they doubled up on the shields when they shot at it with the shotgun. I am curious how well the shield fairs against multiple shots or physical attacks after it was hit with bird shot.

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