Breaking: Devil Dog Arms Founder Admits Stolen Valor

    Devil Dog Arms was founded in September of 2010 with a company image depicting the snarling bulldog that is the United States Marine Corps Devil Dog and the slogan “If you’re looking for average, they just aren’t it!” Now, six years later, company co-founder and CEO Joe Lucania has admitted to stolen valor. The following statement was released by Lucania through Devil Dog Arms’ Facebook page on April 10th:

    “I am making this statement to express my deepest regret and to apologize for the damage, hurt and disrespect to the military community, industry partners and individuals. I am not and was not a marine, did not serve and do not have a DD214. I have no excuse for my actions and realize there is nothing I can say or do to make this right.

    I have no more involvement in any capacity with Devil Dog Arms.

    With Sincere Apology,

    Joe Lucania.” (All capitalization his own.)

    Lucania built Devil Dog Arms based on a foundation of his USMC service as a sniper, which is apparently a lie.

    The Stolen Valor Act as it stood under former President George W. Bush was significantly altered in 2013. To see the full context of H.R. 258 Stolen Valor Act of 2013 which is the law as it stands today, click here.

    Oh and Joe, we always capitalize “Marine”…

    *As it stands right now there has been no official statement regarding the future of Devil Dog Arms.


    Update:David Janus marketing manager at DDA is reporting on Facebook that all employees have been fired (including himself) and the doors closed at DDA. We hope to learn more as the day progresses.

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