[Big 3 East] CMR-30 Suppressed by AMTAC Suppressors

    Down at Big 3 East I got a chance to check out AMTAC Suppressors. They make an over the barrel suppressor. Similar in basic concept as the OSS suppressors only the AMTAC cans have a traditional baffle system. Over the barrel suppressors allow the user to maintain their rifle length barrels without adding significant weight to the end of the muzzle. Their suppressors only extend 3.5″ past the muzzle. The majority of the weight is kept near or behind the muzzle. Allowing for better balance of a weapon system without needing to chop down a barrel. They only make suppressors for 5.56 and 7.62 calibers. They are working on a 9mm suppressor. They have different lengths that go over the barrel. They have a 6″ or 4″ can. That means the can sits back either 6″ or 4″ behind the muzzle. The length is determined by your rifle setup. So if you have enough barrel then go with the 6″ version.

    Below is the display model with an acrylic sleeve so you can see how the AMTAC suppressor baffles look like.



    The baffle stack is what screws onto the end of your barrel. The empty chamber behind it is for expanding gas.

    3 4 5 6 unspecified



    The AMTAC suppressors worked great on 5.56 ARs and really helped cut the DB down to hearing safe levels. The over barrel design really helps with the balance of the gun. With my CMR-30 I remember adding the SureFire RC2 Socom II suppressor and it added a significant amount of weight at the end of the gun. The AMTAC did not feel so heavy as the weight was closer to the CG of the gun.

    For more information check them out at AMTACSUPPRESSORS.com.

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