Harnessing Technology: Zore gun locks

    A new start up company, by the name of ZORE has come up with a novel approach to gun locks. Their lock consists of a sort of expanding dimensional correct simulated bullet. Once “chambered” and the lock button is pressed, the bullet expands out into the chamber via a sort of mechanical contraption. At the same time, the bolt face/extractor lock on to the base of the round from the rear, thus causing the slide to lock up to the simulated round, and thus causing the firearm to be essentially locked. How do you unlock it? Dial the number wheel as if you were dialing a MasterLock high school combination locker, no matter what the position of the wheel, it will register the clicks you input. The lock button is popped up, while at the same time the chambered “Bullet” will release pressure from the inside, rack the slide, the lock falls out, and the a round is chambered if you already have a magazine inserted. The ZORE lock is black, with the lock button colored yellow, and the dial has indentations on it to tell you where to spin it for the correct combination. In addition that dial doesn’t have to start from one particular spot, so theoretically you can dial it while in the dark and unlock it. The entire system is also digitalized, with an app that tells the owner if the lock is being tampered with, via a bluetooth connection. The battery itself will last for more than a year on its own, and within 3 months of it running out of power, the app will send you a notification via blue tooth. For now it appears that they only have a 9x19mm version that has an expected release date in December 2016. But their other calibers are .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and 5.56x45mm, all due in 2017.

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    This is certainly one way to create a very techy lock system! With the amount of tech in this thing, I hope it will push the envelope when it comes to technologically enhanced locks. This is some input on how the actual battery works-

    – Three months before your battery is drained – ZØRE will send you notifications reminding you to change your battery.

    – A month before the battery drains – if you open ZØRE it will not allow you to re-lock it without changing the battery.

    – You will be able to set your ZØRE to open automatically before draining out if you decide to do so.

    – If after all this your battery drained out – you will be able to touch a battery from the outside of ZØRE to give it power – enabling you to dial your code and open it.


    Right now they still have some design work ahead of them, and are looking for ways to improve their product. If you’re interested, give them a shout at their Facebook page. The company really wants to distance themselves from gun locks that are integral to the firearm and instead focus on locks that are completely external of the operation and design of the gun.

     ZØRE was founded by a group of Israeli IDF Special Forces and elite technology unit veterans. Having families in Israel and experiencing ongoing terror, we understand that guns are indispensable for self defence and the protection of our loved ones. While safe storage for our guns was always a priority, we refuse compromising accessibility.

    Our journey of finding a storage solution that would maintain the security level safes and locks provide us, yet make our guns more accessible, began with a thorough examination of the existing solutions. Whereas safes and locks are difficult to operate, especially in the dark, smart guns are just unreliable. To carry a gun that has to think before it shoots is unacceptable.

    Realizing the shortcomes of these technologies, we invented ZØRE. Unlike smart guns, ZØRE doesn’t change your gun. As opposed to storage solutions available, ZØRE allows you fast transition —in any condition — from locked gun to charge and ready, and connects you to your guns when they are not on you. For we know that when it comes to gun safety – the best safety device is you.


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