Howling Raven Mosin magazines ready to ship

    The much expected Howling Raven 10 round magazine extension for the Mosin Nagant is finally here for order, not pre-order but actual order. I am already starting to see satisfied customers posting images of their magazines installed on their rifles on my Facebook news feed. The final price for the magazine is $69.99, while the website lists a price of $65.99. I assume that the lower price is because you are buying it directly from the manufacture as opposed to purchasing it from a secondary source or dealer. There also seems to be a product code that will get you that lower price as well, if I’m not mistaken.

    Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 8.54.26 AM Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 8.54.34 AM

    • Made out of a glass filled nylon polymer
    • No permanent rifle alterations or gunsmithing necessary
    • Connects to the bottom of the existing magwell
    • 100% Made in Texas
    • Package includes the extension box, ladder spring and a small wedge material piece

    At first I was curious as to why the magazine appears to be almost three times the length of the original Mosin internal magazine. But now I assume that this has to do with the additional spring pressure/space that is required for the additional five rounds of 7.62x54R. The magazine extension is made out of a sort of glass filled nylon polymer, and attaches to the Mosin Nagant rifle without any additional work being completed on it. The company also went to some lengths to ensure that it worked with the majority of Nagant variants out there. And if you have a Nagant that this doesn’t fit, the company will work with you on getting you a refund and the magazine back. Their commercial for it isn’t half bad!


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