ETS Expands Glock Magazine Lineup with G22 .40 Magazines

    ETS Magazines has come along way. From their original release of translucent AR magazines, to being sued by MagPul (now resolved), to now quickly becoming a go-to source for 9mm Glock magazines, has expanded yet again with a full-size .40 Glock magazine suitable for G22 and G35 models.

    Base capacity of the magazine has been increased by a single round to 16 total loaded rounds without changing the overall length. The magazines will still be flush against the frame.


    The magazine maintains the standard form and function of the factory Glock magazine though this time without the metal insert molded into the polymer body. ETS’ offering is 100% translucent polymer, which ETS claims is/has “Extremely Impact Resistance–won’t crack of break when dropped”. Further, ETS states that the magazine lips will not spread over time when being stored, even when loaded to the max.


    Improvements over the standard Glock magazine include ETS’ flared floorplate with larger gripping surfaces to help remove the magazines. The ETS magazine is compatible with standard Glock and aftermarket floor plates, allows for quick capacity expansion with adapters such as those from Arredondo or MagPuls (ironic, considering the earlier lawsuit).

    Pricing is set at $16.99 with the magazines available now direct through ETS or through their dealer and distributor network.

    Nathan S

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