TacticalWalls Now More Tactical with RFID Models

    TacticalWalls, known for their discreet yet in-plain-sight firearms storage devices has announced the release of their latest models including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) models. The RFID models will take advantage of a “faster” unlocking mechanism using a standard credit-card sized RFID card.

    Of note, the RFID models will add a “Tattle Tale” function to the storage units. In short, the Tattle Tale function will cause a wall to start beeping after the TacticalWall unit has been open for a set time. TacticalWalls claims this will keep guns from unwanted users by reminding users to shut their storage units. For those worried about batteries, the unit will auto default to an unlocked “but-still-closed” position.

    The RFID mechanism is offered as a “optional alternative to the existing magnetic lock on select TacticalWalls models.” Those models include:

    • 1450M Bundle – MSRP’s range $630-760
    • 1420M Bundle – MSRP’s range $500-660
    • 825 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $435-495
    • 812 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $219-349

    For those that tend to lose small parts or want extra, spare cards will be available for purchase from TacticalWalls. The cards will also be able to be programmed to open any RFID TacticalWalls product in a home so a single card can have access to all. Further, various cards can be programmed to only open certain TacticalWalls, denying access to unauthorized cards.

    Check out TacticalWalls.com for additional information. 

    Phil Note: Tom R is currently reviewing the RFID version for TFB.

    Nathan S

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