POTD: Camera or Minigun?

    Photo by @manzokazi_designs/@geckokazi of Scott Johnson. You can follow him on instagram under @arbunker1

    Bro, do you even Minigun? Toting around the @spikes_tactical ‪#‎minigun‬ @big3eastmediagroup event this past weekend…good times with great people


    Spike’s Tactical has a mini gun. They brought it down to Big 3 East. Sadly they did not shoot it due to lack of batteries and links. Maybe next time in October they will bring it and shoot it. From the photo it looks like the guy is carrying a video camera on a tripod over his shoulder. If you recall, there was a photographer carrying a tripod and an ignorant bystander called the cops thinking it was a minigun.

    Here are some pictures I took of the Minigun on one of the Spike’s Tactical truck. It has a SureFire Hellfighter mounted on it.

    IMG_1011 IMG_1012