[Big 3 East] HMG US Made STG-44

    Hill and Mac Gunworks have made a name for themselves by making a STG-44 replica in the US. The design is similar to the WWII classic. However for the sake of simplicity and ATF there are some notable changes. The HMG STG44 will be available in four calibers: 8mm Kurz, .223 Wylde, 7.62×39, and .300blk. According to the HMG guys, the .300blk is very interesting as it is ballistically similar to the original 8mm kurz round. They have designed the STG44 to be somewhat modular and that you can swap calibers easily.  Barrel kits will cost between $349-$499. The original trigger has something like 207 parts in it. To simplify this they are using a modified HK pack.



    HMG modified the recoil spring assembly so now the recoil spring is no longer inside the stock. They relocated the spring up into the dust cover like an AK. Due to the popularity of the uncoated prototype below, HMG will be making stainless models of their STG44.



    Unfortunately their STG44 sample was having some issues so I was unable to get trigger time on the gun. I was able to snap some photos of it with my 40rd PMAG and my D60 Drum mag which you saw above.



    The STG44 will be available later this year for $1799. The .223 barrels will be threaded with 1/2×28 and the 7.62 barrels will be threaded with 5/8×24. The STG44 suppresses very well but a note of caution, there are vents at the top of the gas block so be careful with thumb over bore grip techniques.

    Blank firing adapters will be compatible for reinacting aficionados. The magazines will cost $29 each.

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