New Reticle Options from Leupold

    Reticle preferences tend to be just that: preferences. Even when shooting and hunting at longer ranges different shooters lean towards varying reticles, which doesn’t make one or the other right (or wrong). In response to those varied preferences, Leupold is now offering more reticle options to their existing line of optics.

    A recent discussion regarding hash marks on reticles made me pay a bit of extra attention to the expansion of options in Leupold’s line. The discussion had to do with whether or not hash marks really matter when it comes to adjusting a shot at longer distances (in case you’re wondering, I fell on the side of preferring hash marks rather than plain, unmarked crosshairs). Leupold’s expansion has to do with their more detailed reticles.

    The Mark 6 3-18x44mm M5C2 will now be sold with a non-illuminated Leupold Tactical Milling Reticle, or TMR. The TMR was designed as a more detailed version of a standard Mil Dot. It features hash marks at various spaces on both the horizontal and vertical stadia of the reticle. Those marks can be used to make more precise adjustments at varying distances, allowing for improved accuracy. The TReMoR 3 reticle will also be offered for this scope in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. (Reticle options for this scope can be viewed here.)

    The Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm riflescope will be sold with illuminated TReMoR 3, H59, and TMR reticle options. The TReMoR 3 and H59 are grid-based to allow for elevation and wind holds as well as ranging.

    Whatever your preference, Leupold offers a wide variety of options, and in my experience their scopes have proven durable and accurate.

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