New Open .308 Receiver Set from F-1 Firearms

    F-1 Firearms is living up to their name releasing their latest go-fast parts, this time for the .308 platform. The new BDR-10-3G billet receiver set is designed for the shooter were speed and looks trump practicality (or where speed and looks are their own kind of practicality).

    While the receiver set is unique to itself, meaning those with their own upper or lower will need to find a match, the set is set up to use common .308 parts. Specifically, the set is set up for DPMS LR-308 components (Gen 1) in the DPMS “high” pattern for the handguards. The lower accepts common AR components and the magazine well is designed for the common MagPul / SR-25 pattern of magazine. The magwell is further beveled 60 degrees for easy magazine insertion.


    For tight fitment, tensioning and trigger adjustment screws are included. Construction is out of billet aluminum (but no call out on if its the higher-grade 7075, though its 5.56 cousin states it) with Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing. Other features include an over-sized trigger guard and finger grooves on the front of the magazine well.

    Black is standard at a retail price of $625 for the set. Anodized colors are also available for an additional $50 and up to a two month wait. 

    Interestingly, the billet set includes a provision for a dust cover. Why it has that for being completely cut open is an interesting choice…

    Nathan S

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