[Big 3 East] Geissele’s New Spring and Go Juice

    Down at the Big 3 East Media event, Geissele showed us their new Purple Go Juice. The Go Juice is purple since it will be under the ALG Defense brand. The Go Juice is a bio synthetic lubricant made from GMO seeds specially made to produce this oil. The reasoning behind making their own lubricant was due to Bill Geissele and his immaculate M1 Garand. He had used a vegetable based lubricant and after 6 months sitting in his safe, the lubricant failed to work on the M1. Joe of Geissele said that while petroleum based lubricants are very stable for long term storage, they do not work as well as vegetable based lubricants. So Bill looked into making a stable vegetable based lubricant. It took 7 months to find the right lab that could manufacture the GMO seed used to produce the oil. They have not performed serious heat tests but performs well at 0-20 deg F. No Arctic sub zero temps nor high heat temp tests done. Joe said that flashpoint temperature tests are misleading since the weapon will not get that hot. Go Juice will be available in about 8-10 weeks. They will be sold in 4 oz bottles for $11.50. Well under the pricing for other vegetable based lubricants in similar sizes. Joe said this oil works very well on moving parts. I asked if that applies to pistol slides. He said he recommends a grease since the grease will stay where it is applied. The Go Juice is very viscous and has 200% more lubricity compared to petroleum based lubricants.


    Go Juice is purple when you hold it up to the light.



    The newest item from Geissele is their braided wire recoil buffer spring. The recoil impulse is more linear and eliminates the common twang one hears in a conventional recoil buffer assembly. The buffer spring is proprietary to Geissele’s buffer. It will be available with an H1 buffer and will be available in a couple of weeks.

    IMG_0991 IMG_0992


    Their Super Precision scope mounts were here again. They are made from a 5.5lb solid block of aluminum. The caps are made at the same time as the mount. In fact the caps are cut off using a jeweler’s saw. The caps are serialized. You can see in the photo below one ends in B and the other ends in A.  There are a wide assortment and some are even made specifically for certain scopes. I know they make one for the Vortex HD Razor II. Geissele also makes an SR25 version. The SR25 version is longer and has three clamps. They are looking into a quick detach method that will have the same clamping force as the screw mount has now. They will not compromise for the sake of QD.



    Geissele has a Supre Precision mount for the Trijicon MRO. They make it as absolute and lower 1/3 co-witness. They are available for $99.

    IMG_0994 IMG_0995


    Geissele’s super charging handle is still undergoing some changes. The black version will be the final design. You can see the texture of the ambi latches are different between the DVC and Black handles. The handle will be $89 and they are going to make an AR10 version.IMG_0997


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