$18 Trigger Job from Taylor Tactical Supply

    Fortunately for us shooters, there is a veritable plethora of fantastic (and not so fantastic) triggers available for the AR platform. From single-stage, double-stage, assisted reset, and multi-modal bang switches, shooters can customize their weapon to match their needs exactly. Unfortunately, many of those options are rather expensive, especially as features are added. In some cases, trigger packs are more expensive than fully mass-produced rifles.

    In to help fix that is Taylor Tactical Supply, a company owned by the competitive shooter Nic Taylor. Rather than focus on physically machining parts, Nic takes the exceedingly simple approach: reduce the trigger pull weight and put in a stop to ensure the trigger pulls no farther than possible.


    Its not a new approach, as many of the “upgraded” Glock triggers and similar platforms by reducing the trigger pull weight and pull length. To do that, there are only two components required, a reduced power hammer spring and a trigger adjustment grip screw (which is a novel approach in and of itself). The grip screw has an inset sub-screw that can be adjusted to stop over-travel of the trigger, yielding a faster reset.

    Fair warning, the reduced power hammer spring may limit the shooter to using certain ammunition, but reports thus far on it have not shown any adverse effects except for the hardest of primers.

    The kit can be picked up from Taylor Tactical Supply for $17.95 or one can opt for the individual components as well. 

    Nathan S

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