[Big 3 East] The Unicorn H&K MP7A1

    A huge thanks to my buddy Alex of SB Tactical for bringing this down upon my request. The HK MP7 is a gun that is relegated to almost Sasquatch level of existence. There are very few out there in the US and even fewer people have seen them in person let alone fired one. Sure there are airsoft versions of the H&K MP7 and your occasional online personality has had trigger time with them like SMG Lee and Larry Vickers. So you can imagine my excitement getting to handle this little PDW.

    I was most interested in comparing the MP7A1 to my Kel-Tec CMR-30. Yes one is select fire and the other is a 16″ barreled semi auto rifle. But the design concept is very similar. The cartridges are similar in size. The .22 wmr is not that far off from the 4.6x30mm when you compare data.

    .22 wmr       Weight: 30gr  Velocity: 2300 FPS  Energy: 437J

    4.6x30mm   Weight: 31gr  VelocityL 2362 FPS Energy: 506J


    .22 WMR and 4.6x30mm


    Ignoring my extended hand guard, the Kel-Tec CMR-30 is rather similar to the MP7A1


    DSC_0115 mark


    Shooting the MP7A1 on full auto is of course fun. I would characterize the recoil like an angry wasp hopped up cocaine. It seems to vibrate with pure anger. Ergonomics are both good and bad when compared to the Kel-Tec CMR-30. The CMR-30 suffers due to the European style heel mag release. The MP7 has the stereotypical H&K trigger guard style mag release. Since I am not accustomed to the MP7 it was a bit awkward feeling for the mag release. The MP7 has an ambidextrous bolt release which I prefer over the CMR-30 left side release.


    With regards to the charging handles, I have to give points to the CMR-30 as it is a forward non-reciprocating charging handle. So you can operate the charging handle without needing to compromising your sight picture The MP7 charging handle is similar to an AR-15 charging handle you need to move your face out of the way to charge it. And there is even less to grab onto.


    The stock release button is not ambidextrous. It is located on the right hand side of the weapon just behind the sling loop. You have to slide the button up to unlock the stock to allow it to open. The CMR-30 has the stock release right where your index finger rests on the trigger guard. Much more ergonomic.


    Ever wonder where the serial number was on an MP7? It sits right under the body of the receiver near the back.


    The MP7A1 is a fun little gun. I could see having a lot of fun with it just like I do with my CMR-30. Alas pining for H&K to make something is like talking to a wall. We can dream. If you want a small rifle similar to the MP7 then I would get the CMR-30 and chop the barrel down. Keltec should make a pistol version of the CMR-30. No not the PMR-30, I mean a pistol version of the CMR-30 and put a brace on it. Hmmm I should have a chat with SB Tactical and Kel-Tec.

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