[Big 3 East] Pantheon Arms Dolos

    Nathan S. just posted an article about the new Dolos. Well Pantheon Arms is the maker of the Dolos. Huntertown Arms is a sister company. Same owner. He brought out his Dolos and shocked everyone with the Ammo Can of Whoop Ass. Inside was a complete AR15 SBR. What is more interesting is this new 7 sided Keymod handguard prototype that was made for them and they are evaluating it. No word yet on how much but it will be available soon.

    DSC_0294 DSC_0343 DSC_0342

    Here is a classic Bushmaster with the Dolos Quick Change system.



    I did ask about the Huntertown Arms DIY 10/22 Takedown kit. It is called Demos. The has not been any production since I saw it last year at Big 3 East back in March 2015. The project is delayed due to the stock manufacturer, Choate Machine & Tool, disassociated themselves from the project. Can’t have a takedown kit if you don’t have a stock to go with it. So they are exploring other options.

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