[Big 3 East] New Glock 36

    At the last BigBox o 3 East back in October 2015, Glock was invited and they came to answer our questions as well as to show us their recent pistols like the MOS line. Now they have returned and showed us their newlu updated Glock 36. They have added an accessory rail to the Glock 36. I would have liked to see the entire frame updated to a Gen4 style update or something along the lines of the Glock 43. Update the side texture, reduce the grip like the Gen4 Glock 21 and Glock 41, then add the large ambidextrous mag release. That would be even better. However it is interesting that Glock is updating this pistol to allow either a laser or light. I wonder how this setup would look with the SureFire XC1? Unfortunately it is not CA Compliant. I believe that is due to the DOJ approved list that California has.

    During Glock’s presentation they mentioned that the “bread and butter” for Glock right now is the Glock 19, Glock 43 and Glock 42. To their surprise and contrary to many people’s hypotheses, the Glock 42 did not see a drop in sales after the Glock 43 was released. In fact they have seen an increase in orders for the Glock 42.

    They produce about 150k guns a month and only 20k of those are USA made.


    Underside of the new Glock 36 frame.





    Box o’ Glock


    Glock brought out a vast assortment of pistols for us to play with.



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