[Big 3 East]: MGI Hydra New Full Length Handguard

    At Big 3 East, MGI showed their latest prototype handguard for their Hydra modular weapon system. For those not familiar with the Hydra, you can change the caliber with out tools from .22LR all the way up to .50 Beowulf and that includes 7.62×39. Tool less barrel and bolt swapping is the easy part. The Hydra lower solves the limitations of the magazine well by having interchangeable mag wells. So now you can use an AK47 magazine to feed 7.62×39 into an AR15.


    The MGI Hydras had one issue with them. The owner and designer is a bit old fashioned by using regular carbine length plastic handguards or picatinny rail systems. However the trend of AR15 handguards is full length small profile handguard that uses keymod or MLOK attachments. To solve the dilemma of choosing keymod or MLOK and any possible future attachment method, MGI partnered up with Sven of Manitcore Arms. Manticore helped MGI redesign the Manticore Transformer Rail system. The Transformer rail has interchangeable panels that you can select depending on your particular needs. So if you want Keymod and MLOK all on the same side of the handguard, you can.install them to your hearts content. And now it works with the MGI weapon system.

    The MGI transformer rail is in production now and will be available for $299 as a separate accessory. No plans just yet to ship complete guns with this handguard installed by the factory. Removing the MGI Transformer rail does require one allen wrench.


    For more information go check out their .

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