New 1911 Holster From DeSantis

    Finding the perfect holster is a bit like being the Goldilocks of guns. Some fail to provide the desired retention level, some create an uncomfortable carry position, some are awkward to draw from – the list goes on. In the end you find yourself adding your latest acquisition to the constantly-growing pile of unwanted gear in your gun room or closet. Finding the holster that is “just right” is what we all hope for, and if you’re in the market for a 1911 holster, DeSantis has a new product that just might get the job done.

    The newest holster in DeSantis’ lineup is the T-Gat Slide, or #131 on their product list. It’s described as a trailing-slot belt scabbard and is designed to be worn either on your strong side or for cross-body draw. The T-Gat Slide is made from good quality saddle leather, just as you’d expect from DeSantis. It’s molded to the gun’s frame for a truly secure fit and has a reinforced thumb break. According to the company it will fit any standard 1911 with barrel lengths between 3″ and 5″. Something gun owners might find interesting is that it’s designed specifically – only – for those who carry cocked and locked.

    If you’re still looking for the perfect 1911 holster – or maybe you just want another one – visit the company’s website for a closer look:

    MSRP $77.99. Available in black or tan.

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