Shooter Loses Leg From Irresponsible Tannerite Use

    We all know that Tannerite and other binary explosives can be fun if done so safely. However there are idiots out there making us look bad by being irresponsible.  The most famous one would have to be FPS Russia. Why do we harp on eye protection? Because stuff can hit you in the eye like shrapnel from a car.

    Well now some moron also tried to blow something up. Of course he did not heed the recommended instructions. Rule of thumb is to be 100 yards away. In the video someone is interviewed and said 100 yards for every pound of binary explosive. That is not necessary but always side on caution. More distance doesn’t hurt.

    Well this guy tried to blow up a riding mower. He could not hit the target so he kept moving closer. He managed to blow it up and the shrapnel chopped his leg off.


    The shooter and his friends are lucky to be alive. This was definitely a Darwin Award worthy moment.