Underwater gun for dolphins

    In history of the humankind one can find a lots of various types of small arms. Almost all of them were designed by humans for humans. But the Earth dominate species has also designed and developed in its history a very, very small amount of extremely rare modern weaponry for other species living on the same planet – animals.


    One of them is an underwater tri-barrel pistol designed in the Soviet Union for bottlenose dolphins trained on the coast of the Black Sea. The weapon was mounted on the head of the dolphin and equipped with a long rod, which serves as an activation device. When the dolphin swims close to the target such as an enemy combat diver he was taught to jab the swimmer by the rod. It activates the trigger unit and makes a single shot from the underwater gun. If it wasn’t enough to eliminate the threat the dolphin could jab the target two more times, makes two more shots.


    On rare archival Soviet footage one can see as a dolphin attacked a diver. In such a fight a man almost had no chance with dolphin. The armed dolphins were used for guarding military bases or a navy vessel to prevent them from attack from enemy combat divers or saboteurs.