First Look at 7.62×39 CZ Bren 2, More Details on Pakistani Trials Rifles

    Earlier this week, we reported about the Pakistani Army seeking a new rifle to replace its aging license-produced Heckler & Koch G3 and Chinese Type 56 rifles, and now new details – and most excitingly, new images – have come to light.


    Pakistani military officials peruse a lineup of rifle hopefuls from FN, Kalashnikov, Zastava, CZ, and Beretta. Image source:

    First, it seems the Pakistanis are not considering the 5.56mm caliber for their next-generation rifle. Previously, I reported that the Zastava M21 and CZ 806 Bren 2 rifles being considered were in 5.56mm caliber, but this is not the case. Photos of an industry show-and-tell have been released, and show not only the Zastava M77 in the 7.62x51mm caliber, but also the as-yet unannounced and unseen CZ Bren 2 rifle in 7.62×39!


    A surprise: Zastava was nor showing off either their 5.56x45mm M21 or 7.62x39mm M70 rifles, but a modernized version of their 7.62×51 M77! Image source:



    A much bigger surprise: Česká zbrojovka brought out a brand-new rifle, the CZ Bren 2 in 7.62×39! Note the new pattern straight-insert constant-curve magazine. Image source:


    In 2013, CZ announced the multicaliber 807 Bren, offered in 7.62×39 for the Indian military (although no photos surfaced), but the 7.62x39mm version of the newer 806 Bren 2 has come completely by surprise, as does the totally new pattern of magazine designed for it.

    Thanks to Retiv for the tip!

    Nathaniel F

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