H&N Sports Introduces “Sniper Magnum” Pellets

    While, yes, the focus of our little endeavor here is “firearms” we also play nice with our other ballistic friends including air rifles, including showing some coverage love for the interesting developments in air rifle technologies. PCP rifles have been making huge strides, but fundamentally they all power the same ammunition, which has its limitations (relatively speaking).

    Latest up is H & N Sport which has introduced the “Sniper Magnum” line of pellets. Manufactured for both .177 and .22 caliber air rifles, the pellets are a departure from normal air rifle maxim of trying to maximize velocity. Going the other direction, H & N Sport added weight to the pellet, which had a few interesting side effects.

    The longer pellet, outside of additional weight (which helps retain energy down range), is more aerodynamic, which means velocity drops less compared to the high-velocity, higher drag pellets commonly found, especially in local stores.


    Outside of the pellet shape, the pellets are coated in a proprietary surface treatment that slows oxidation and helps reduce lead abrasion, which means less lead fouling the the bore. All pellets are made in Germany on in-house machinery.

    Details from H&N Sports on the offerings:






    Min. Muzzle Energy


    Optimal Distance


    Pellets Per Tin



    .177 15 gr 12 ft.lbs 100 meters 300 $9.99
    .22 18 gr 18.5 ft.lbs 100 meters 250 $11.99
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