Kineti-Tech Glock Triggers

    After swapping out the horrible factory Glock sights the next mod most Glock owners usually do is a replacement trigger of some sort, that’s the route I did with my Glock 17. When you think of aftermarket Glock triggers on the market you usually think of Lone Wolf Distributors, GlockWorx A.K.A. ZEV Technologies, McNally Triggers, maybe even Suarez International (maybe, probably not). Well Kineti-Tech known for their budget priced AR-15 muzzle brakes and sound diverters just released their own line of Glock triggers.

    Currently they’re offering replacement trigger shoes in 4 different styles, a trigger shoe and bar kit as well as a complete drop in trigger system with the option of a polished trigger bar and disconnect. Kineti-Tech’s new triggers are made in house out of 7075 aluminum and are hard coat anodized. Not much else is know about these new trigger kits however, but Kineti-Tech claims their new triggers “reduce the trigger rest to almost nothing” and are the best on the market.

    Kineti-Tech’s new Glock triggers are pretty budget friendly compared to the competition. Their replacement trigger shoe starts at $47.95, their trigger and bar kits start at $73.90 and their complete drop in trigger systems start at $96.44. Check them out at


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