Hong Kong 3Gun Match

    3Gun Nation has started official matches for Airsoft. Say what you will about airsoft, but have a look at this video. Racing is racing and this looks like a fun and challenging sport. It has the spirit of 3gun just without the long distance targets we typically see here in the US.


    For a long time I believed an airsoft version of 3gun would never really work since the shotgun is so different. Many of them shoot a single bb or at best 3 bbs. I was wrong. Look at the shotgun this guy is using. I am not sure what airsoft shotgun it is but it is a pump action shotgun with high capacity mag tube. He is solid on the long gun and pistol, but he is slow on the shotgun. He needs to speed up his quad loads and reaction time. It seems to take him forever to shoot the shotgun compared to his pistol and rifle speed. Still it looks like a lot of fun.

    Nicholas C

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