ZBROYAR – 10.5″ SBR AR-15 from Ukraine

    I discovered this Ukranian Short-Barrelled Rifle at a Swedish dealer.

    Ukranian arms manufacturer aren’t too common, so I wanted to share the pictures and spread the light and perhaps learn a thing or two. I’m sure there are difficult times there now.

    Zbroyar seems to be a small privately owned company founded in 2004. According to World Guns the name means armorer or gunsmith in Ukranian.

    Unfortunately I don’t know so much about the company, but hopefully you can help out in the comments section below and see what we can piece together.

    Do they make their own parts, or buy partly from other sub-suppliers?  Obviously the furniture is sourced.

    The model is called Z15, with a 10,5″ barrel. The barrel is free floating and chrome lined. The chamber seems to be .223 Wylde, to accomodate both .223 Rem and 5,56×45.

    SBRs aren’t illegal in Sweden, but getting a license is virtually impossible after some recent changes in the gun legislation (2015). However, anyone lucky enough to get a license only pays $30 for the paper work.

    For more information check out their homepage: http://zbroyar.com.ua

    There’s also more here: https://www.facebook.com/Zbroyar/




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    Yup, it’s pretty clear who made the rifle and where.

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    The carbine come with a single-stage trigger and САА SBS (commercial type), plus detachable collapsible sights from CAA and a rubber-coated pistol grip by IMI.

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    Kulgevär Zbroyar Z15 .223R Marksman

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    “The carbine utilizes low-profile steel gas unit mounted with coupling screws (not with pins, for which cavities must be made in the barrel).”

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    “The flash hider named Pig is intended for comfortable shooting and reduction of muzzle blast. Due to the shell hole structure, it sends the shock wave from the shot. For the purpose of compliance with the MIA requirements as to the minimum length of rifled weapon, muzzle brake is fixed on the barrel, and the buttstock– in the extreme position.”

    2016-02-19 13.25.25

    This is obviously not a suppressor, but I understand the company makes real ones too.

    Muzzle Break PIG – I wonder where that name came from?

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    Thanks to DAE for the opportunity to have a look at this SBR.

    There is also a Zbroyar Z15 .223R Marksman, with 18″ barrel in stainless steel.

    And, of course, a Z-15 Zombie Hunter 7,62.

    Need a 9×21 mm Z15? They have it here.

    They also have bolt-action rifles in .308 and other calibers.




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