Polish Army to Purchase First MSBS Rifles This Week

    The Polish government is expected to have signed a contract Wednesday for the first MSBS rifles, specifically for the MSBS-R variant, which will replace the venerable Russian SKS rifle in ceremonial/guard units. The MSBS-R will be the first indigenous design to be adopted by the Polish honor guards ever, and if adopted by the regular Army, and, if adopted for general issue, the first in the Polish general army, as well. From Altair.com:

    The Polish Army has decided to first purchase a new arms down by Radom Weapon Factory. March 23 at the Archer agreement will be signed with the Armament Inspectorate for the supply of a lot more than a hundred parade 5.56-mm rifles MSBS-5.56 in a variety MSBS-R representative for the company subordinate to the Warsaw Garrison Command. Thanks to this new structure will be shooting for the first time shown to foreign delegations during scheduled for 8-9 July 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw.

    The signing of the agreement is an important event. For the first time in the history of the Polish Army honor guard he will have a Polish weapon, which in a short time has also hit the regular armed units of the Land Forces ( MSBS-5.56 with Titan or without , 2016-01-30). The ceremony in Radom will be attended by representatives of the National Security Office, Ministry of Defence, the Polish Group Armament and Military Technical Academy.

    The MSBS-R differs from the standard model in having a fixed, non-adjustable stock, longer barrel, and a blind muzzle, and is designed for shooting blanks only. The bayonet, too, differs from the regular version, with a chromed blade, and a special, low-profile latch to prevent the bayonet from coming off during maneuvers. Otherwise, the MSBS-R is fully compatible with the other models in the series, and MSBS-R ceremonial rifles can be quickly converted to combat-capable status.

    The Polish Army is expected to buy more than a hundred MSBS-Rs as part of the initial contract.

    The combat-ready MSBS rifle has been fast-tracked as well, and while the standards it needs to pass have not been changed, the Polish government has agreed to procure it ahead of the comprehensive infantry overhaul program, called “Titan”.


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