M1 Garand… cake?

    Recently, a fellow has taken it upon himself to bake a cake for a bachelor party, and it isn’t just any cake, but is in the shape of an M1 Garand! The level of detail on it is pretty extreme, all the way down to the trapdoor in the buttstock and the associated cuts, and the rounded sling swivels, and stacking swivel. The first time I saw it, I could have sworn it was just an M1 Garand on the table, until I saw a picture of it with a piece missing that had been eaten. The icing on the wood is somehow even finished off to make it look like it shines in the light, just like a well finished up M1 would look like if it were sitting on the table.

    I’m a qualified baker could complete this sort of job in most places, and it would certainly be the birthday cake of birthday cakes if I was given this for a celebration, or even better, presenting this to a fellow firearms aficionado that I was close with. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more cakes like this in person or even on the internet! I do wonder, if the taste has a certain ping to it…

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