American Tactical Discontinues ISSC Warranty Work

    American Tactical Imports (AT) announced today that the company will no longer offer warranty service for ISSC firearms that are not marked “American Tactical, Summerville SC.” This means that the owner of any ISSC firearm that was imported by Austrian Sporting Arms, Legacy Sports International and Anschutz will no longer be serviced by American Tactical Imports as warranty work.

    It appears that some kind of contractual dispute has erupted between AT and ISSC over warranty work for the non-American Tactical marked guns. In the announcement by AT, the company stated that ISSC “has denied support to American Tactical despite contractual obligations.”

    If you own an ISSC weapon that needs warranty work, you appear to have two options. The first is to contact ISSC directly at this link. Alternatively, American Tactical can work on your gun, though it will be at normal rates for parts and labor. AT advises owners should contact the company’s customer service department for a repair quote.

    If you have an ISSC weapon that is marked ‘American Tactical,’ the company will continue to provide full warranty support.

    American Tactical manufactures and imports a variety of firearms and related accessories. Two of the company’s more recent gun introductions have been the FX-H Hybrid 1911 and a 9mm AR rifle.

    Richard Johnson

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