JARD introduces 9mm bullpup

    JARD INC, an American bulpup manufacturer in Iowa, has come out with a dedicated 9x19mm version of their popular rifles, that come in 5.56x45mm, and .308. The company is based in Iowa, and apart from selling a number of AR15 related parts and rifles, they have the distinction of being one of the more successful American bullpup designs.

    The J67 maintains the same design format as their rifles, featuring an ambidextrous charging handle and Garand style safety, with downward ejecting shells from behind the magazine. The forend is M LOK compatible, while the top rail is an M1913 picatinny. The rifle takes 9x19mm Glock magazines as well. It comes with a non-threaded barrel, but for around $13, you can have yours threaded to take any of the muzzle attachments for AR15s out there right now. For field stripping, the rifle comes apart via a knurled knob just ahead of the trigger guard. The company makes the claim that the rifles have the lightest stock trigger pull out of any production bullpup on the market, and I would assume this to be the case with J67 as well.

    Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the design is the simplicity of it. Inside the frame of the firearm, the controls and bolt are kept to an absolute minimum, the bolt carrier itself riding on two recoil spring rods that stop up against the buttstock, and having a rotating triangular bolt head. Many firearms designers have no problems making a system complicated, however it is a true challenge to make a system simple.

    Phil Note: We are currently testing this gun. A review will follow shortly.


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