Burris Launches Online Ballistic Services

    Now that I have become interested in precision shooting, I am always on the lookout for products and services related to that field. An email from Burris (whatever your opinion of their optics may be) hit my inbox and I am please to see technology being brought to bear in useful ways.

    Burris Optics has launched a free suite of four online ballistic tools to help shooters maximize the potential of any Burris riflescope. These tools allow the user to learn any Burris reticle, build a dope card, program an Eliminator LaserScope, and order custom elevation and windage knobs.

    “We are thrilled to bring the online Ballistic Services tools to our customers to help them experience the best possible results with their Burris riflescopes,” said Vice President of Sales and Product Development Patrick Beckett. “We are a company full of hunters and shooters, and we built these tools knowing we would want to use them ourselves. We believe our passion for the shooting sports and our riflescope and ballistics expertise have created a set of tools that will help anyone become a better, more confident shooter.”

    Just like all other legitimate tools available, they have an extensive library of cartridges and bullets (included from every major ammunition and bullet manufacturer). This data includes rimfire, centerfire, muzzleloader and shotgun shells, as well as G1 and G7 profiles (where available) for precise accuracy.

    • Burris Reticle Analysis Calculator: This tool allows a user to select their ammunition and define exact environmental shooting conditions, such as altitude, humidity, wind speed and more. The results are customizable and printable.
    • Dope Card Builder: a fully customizable solution for determining bullet performance at any distance
    • Eliminator Programming Tool: helps you determine the correct Drop Number and Ballistic Coefficient, and lets you fine-tune your results by adjusting for your actual shooting conditions specifically for the Burris Eliminator Scope.
    • Custom Knobs: tool to help you build and order custom elevation knobs for many Burris riflescopes, allowing you to build a knob for your favorite load and exact shooting conditions

    You can find more information at: http://ballistics.burrisoptics.com/

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