P90 Run and Gun (Well, PS90 SBRed)

    The P90 is famous for being weird looking. It has made countless appearances in sci-fi flicks, and serious appearances in the hands of groups like the US Secret Service. We have used a lot of firearms on the run and gun course, but none this strange or unconventional. So, how will it perform?

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    (gun firing) – Well, suppressors always certainly add a little bit of giggle factor, but for this Run and Gun we’re going to be using a PS90 SBR without the suppressor.

    We found out that with the suppressor it changes the point of impact drastically.

    But that shouldn’t affect how fun this gun is.

    Anyways, this is a PS90 as I said.

    These are a terrific amount of fun.

    This gun doesn’t really fill any hole in my collection aside from its being a range toy.

    I’ve never taken it hunting or anything like that.

    517 by 28 is probably less than ideal for taking a whitetail deer, but I suppose in a bolt action or something it would be a great squirrel gun.

    I actually don’t know of a reason why this wouldn’t be a great squirrel gun, aside from being a little unconventional and awkward, but the PS90 is a very simple, very well made gun.

    You Stargate fans will definitely recognize it.

    It makes appearances in all kinds of video games and movies and stuff like that.

    It certainly looks goofy, and it certainly handles goofy as well.

    If you are used to other submachine guns or, well, PDWs, whatever, I don’t want to get into that whole deal, then it’s even strange compared to those, but this gun features a mini ACOG which will help a lot during the Run and Gun.

    Also it does have a 50 round magazine capacity that rotates the ammunition 90 degrees to feed properly, which is very cool, but for the Run and Gun we’re actually going to just do what’s normal for us, load 10 rounds per magazine for a total of 30 rounds with two magazine changes.

    That way it allows this gun to basically be compared against guns that we’ve done this with in the past.

    So, without further ado, let’s get to the Run and Gun course and see how the PS90 SBR performs.

    All right guys, here we go with the FN PS90 SBR.

    I think this is actually the most modern gun I’ve ever used for this, so we’ll see how it goes.

    I’m not really used to shooting a whole lot of modern stuff, especially not bullpup SBRs with little optics on them, so I hope it goes okay.

    Also it’s worth noting, these magazines kind of exceed the limits of my tactical fanny pack.

    (clicking) (gun firing) You know, to say this guy is awkward is kind of an understatement, especially for a guy like me who thinks a Mauser 98 is a perfect rifle.

    But let’s go talk about it.

    All right, so I probably looked extremely awkward doing that Run and Gun, well, more awkward than I usually look doing this thing, but this is such a strange gun.

    I’ve shot it a lot, but I’ve never shot it with haste or tried to reload it fast.

    This gun realistically has been a range queen for most of its life, so it’s got like the least intuitive magazine change I think I’ve ever messed with.

    So after you’re done, obviously it doesn’t have a bolt hold open, so you kinda pull this out, and then it sometimes catches on this lip, and then you’re kinda wrestling with it.

    And then you reach down for the magazine, and then it doesn’t always seat all the way, so you’ve gotta kinda, see I did it that time, you’ve gotta kind of finagle it in there, which kinda sucks.

    The trigger is standard bullpup trigger, which is to say not very good.

    Recoil impulse is low, though, so that’s good.

    I’ll put the totals, hits versus misses right here.

    I can tell you that the optic really helped, the low recoil impulse really helped.

    I don’t want to say I don’t like it, because I do, but I would not want to pick this over a competing design like an HK MP7, which to me shoots better and is a better gun.

    I’d take an MP Five over both of them, however, obviously, they fill a different specialty niche than the MP Five and nine milimeter and so on and so forth.

    I’m sure that’ll start an argument in the comments, but you know, these are weird.

    They look weird, they shoot weird, and everything about them’s weird, but I guess let’s go back to the room and finish this video up.

    So yeah, that was certainly pretty weird and interesting.

    I did not think that the magazine changes would cause me that much trouble realistically.

    I’ve seen specialty magazine pouches for this.

    After I did this Run and Gun I looked, kinda what other peopled used for a solution, and let’s just say that the tactical fanny pack is less than ideal.

    I’m sure if I had proper equipment that would go a lot smoother, and if I shot this gun more, it would help a lot as well.

    The PS90 is definitely a gun that I would want to shoot a lot more before I did anything serious with it.

    I just like guns where you can press a button and the magazine drops free, or at least grab a paddle and the magazine at the same time and pop it right out of there, but the PS90 isn’t without its charm.

    I certainly has some positives and it certainly has some negatives, however, it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide whether or not it’s something that you’d like to get behind.

    Anyways, big thanks to Ventura Munitions as always, and big thanks to you for watching.

    Hope to see you next time.

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