New Aguila Handgun Ammunition

    Aguila 9mm ammo

    Aguila Ammunition announced several new loads for centerfire handguns. These are in addition to the recent announcements about 5 RRM ammo returning to the catalog and the company’s shotshells being sold in the US. These loads are due out later this year (2016), but the company does not have a specific shipping date.


    In 9×19, Aguila Ammunition announced one new load. This load uses a 117 grain jacketed hollow point bullet. It is +P rated, but no velocity specifications have been released for it yet. In 9mm, 117 grains tends to be a lighter bullet, but is not a typical weight.

    The company does offer a 117 grain standard pressure round with a JHP type bullet. That round is loaded to 1,150 fps, so I would expect the +P version to be rated at or above 1,200 fps.

    .40 S&W

    For the .40 S&W cartridge, Aguila Ammunition introduced two new rounds. Both of the loads use a 180 grain bullet, though one is a hollow point and the other is a full metal jacket projectile. The JHP round is fairly typical, offers “deep penetration and controlled expansion” and is loaded to 920 fps.

    The FMJ round, however, is a little different. This particular load is identified as a +P round. I should note that SAAMI does not offer a +P specification for the .40 S&W cartridge, so the pressure generated by this load is completely unknown. At the muzzle, the round makes for 1,100 fps.

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