AR-15 vs AK-47, Which Makes Sense for a Greenhorn?

    Yes, yes, yes… We know the eternal debate between the two most popular platforms rages daily and we do try not to fan the flames, but The Wound Channel has an interesting video comparing the two from a completely unique perspective: a complete 100% new to the platform shooter with no experience shooting, at all. The two test platforms are a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 and a standard pattern AKM.

    Now, the shooter does understand the absolute basics of weapons, meaning magazines need to be loaded, inserted, charged, and fired. Outside of that, the shooter has no experience with either platform.

    So, really the test is about common sense and the basic layout of a weapons controls. Which makes more sense? Which one puts controls in a better/more obvious position, or at the least labels them such that they make sense?

    At the end, the shooter compares ease of use and recoil from a very subjective perspective (as the shooting stance is…. sub par). But, its an interesting look into the platforms if someone were to just pick one up.

    Hit the video up below. Its highly entertaining and for veteran shooters I am sure will ring a bell for the first time a newbie went to the range with you.

    *Note this is a sample size of ONE. It is not representative of populations or the whole world. Watch for entertainment purposes only (if possible). 

    Nathan S

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