Full Auto Glock 43

    GY6 Vids gets a chance to play with a custom full auto Glock 43. The full auto Gock 43 was done by Battleground Firearms.

    Andrew mentions that the G43 jumps quite a bit. When he first shoots it full auto he only managed one hit on target. Having shot a full auto Glock 17 and a real Glock 18C, the porting of the compensated version makes it much easier to control the muzzle climb on full auto glocks. Batttleground should have cut the slide and ported the barrel of their G43 to see if it would help. In the video Andrew shoots what looks to be a full auto Glock 17C. You can see the two parallel slots in the top of the slide. He prefers the Glock 17C full frame but he does not acknowledge the “accuracy” is due to the ports and not the size. Sure a bigger frame gun and longer barrel helps eat up recoil and muzzle climb, as seen when shooting a Glock 35 and Glock 22 back to back. Try it, you will see a significant difference in just the .82 inches of barrel length.

    Glock 17C

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