Taofledermaus, a .22, and steel-toed boots

    Lately we’ve gone over gun safety from various angles including negligent discharge, accidental discharge, muzzle awareness – the list goes on. We’ve gone over the four golden rules – rules you should all know and practice – and some interesting comments have been made.

    One of Taofledermaus’ recent videos covers this very issue by taking a look at whether or not a .22LR can penetrate steel-toed boots. While it’s tempting to take his video a step farther and demonstrate with a wide range of calibers, I do not actually have the desire to sacrifice any part of my boot collection to YouTube videos. So we’ll stick with .22LR and the finding of Taofledermaus, the results of which can be seen below in his video “Will A .22LR Go Through A Steel Toe Boot?”

    Yes, this is a video post, but it brings up yet another aspect of gun safety (and addresses part of the issue of ADs and NDs). Whether a gun owner is wearing steel-toed boots, sneakers, or hiking boots, just how safe do you really believe your feet are from errant bullets? Easy answer: as long as you observe the four golden rules of gun safety, your feet will be perfectly safe. Well, assuming anyone shooting with or near you also observes the rules. Then again…are you safe? Should there be some sort of footwear standard just as there is an expectation of eye and ear pro? For example, is it a wise idea to go shooting while wearing flip-flops? How about thin sneakers? If we’re going to pick apart footwear, where would the line be drawn?

    Just a little something to think about…just saying.

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