OATH Ammunition’s Extreme Cavitator

    On the extreme opposite of jacketed hollow-points comes OATH Ammunition’s latest release, the Maximum Cavitator. (For those curious “OATH” stands for Operators American Tactical Hardware, which proves that there is no limit to tactical acronyms).

    In the same train of thought as the Lehigh Defense Extreme Penetrator or Ruger’s ARX ammunition, the bullet is cut to force soft tissue to cavitate across the bullet. Given the velocity of the round, the final cut will “throw” (my word) the tissue at a 90 degree angle where, in theory, it will create a significantly larger wound channel.


    Photos courtesy of AllOutdoor.com. Photos taken by Oleg Volk.

    Two loads will be available for release based off of a 124 grain .300 bullet. First up is a .308 loading which reaches 3100 FPS from a 24″ barrel, losing only 250 FPS dropping to a 16 inch boom stick. Our sister site, AllOutdoor.com reports that the bullet will have about 25% more wind drift, but is only overtaken for “flatness of trajectory” past the 1000 yard mark (where the lighter weight and higher drag coefficients catch up to the design).

    AllOutdoor.com was able to test the ammunition. Oleg Volk was able to print sub minute of angle accuracy from the 300 BLK load. Which is encouraging, given its high price. The .308 load comes in at $41.95, but the 300 BLK is a bit more reasonable at $31.95.

    Nathan S

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