Tanfoglio TCMP compact sub-machinegun and select fire pistol

    The German EnforceTac 2016 is a two day exhibition for professionals only. Just before the IWA exhibition where the rest of us are welcome, and the fully automatic stuff is well hidden.

    Italian Tanfoglio displayed a new sub-machine gun in 9×19 mm called TCMP.

    The design is still in prototyping, but as you can see very compact and features some interesting solutions.

    You don’t need to be an expert to see some “pistol to carbine conversion kit” similarities, but the concept has more depth both in terms of features and market potential.

    For instance, the Beretta M12 has been in service since 1959 – and is still in production in upgraded versions – and whoever gets the contract for replacement will be kept busy for a few years to come.


    Tanfoglio TCMP in 9×19 mm. The magazine looks very similar to an IPSC Open pistol long magazine, or potentially even longer. Meopta red dot on the picatinny rail.


    Picture by Franco Palamaro.


    Below: French President François Hollande during the November 2015 Paris attacks. Note the close protection to the left with what looks to be a B&T SMG MP9-N in 9 x 19 mm. Obviously there is a huge potential market for these types of firearms, as countries seek replacements for their HK MP5s, Beretta M12s, French MAT-49s and so on.




    Picture by Franco Palamaro.

    Above, the Tanfoglio P19-FA. Yes, FA stands for Fully Automatic. The base pistol is the Stock III sporting pistol, but the FA has a select fire on the left side of the frame. I’m sure you noted the threaded barrel already for more fun stuff.



    Eric B

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