Photos from Operation Foal Eagle 2016 – South Korea

    While the (at least one would hope) “normal” saber rattling from North Korea continues unabated, the United States and South Korea are conducting their yearly Operation Foal Eagle, a yearly exercise of US and Korean military personnel. This year, the maneuvers include “about 17,000 US troops, along with an astonishing 300,000 of their South Korean Counterparts.”

    Business Insider, normally known for their comments on commerce, has an excellent set of photographs from Foal Eagle 2016. With the image set is what looks to be the Thales F88 (on a mis-labeled picture of South Korean and “US Marine”) above and plenty of action with the latest Marine Corps M4’s replete with M203 40mm grenade launchers.


    Interestingly, the photos have also captured the M203-equipped Daewoo rifles that are standard-issue to the Republic of Korea’s military grenadiers. From there, M2 .50 cal Brownings along with M60’s on the tanks. Of course, artillery is present and AAV’s drop troops in a practice amphibious landing. Sadly, no DH40’s,

    Pyongyang is as usual, throwing a temper tantrum and “holding tightly the arms to annihilate the enemies with towering hatred for them are waiting for the dignified Supreme Command to issue an order to launch a preemptive strike of justice.”

    You can check out the rest of the photos from the ongoing Foal Eagle 2016 at Business Insider’s website.

    Nathan S

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