IV8888 Shoots the Zenith Z-5P SBR – Suppressed

    Recently, our Alex Capps did a video on the “Top 5 Banned Weapons” which included a huge swatch of stamped HK weapons such as the MP5, HK91, HK93 et. al. Basically, they were not considered “sporting” and therefore banned by executive fiat, much to the chagrin of firearms owners here in the US.  This is further compounded by the German government’s ban on the export of military weapons to civlians (which is now loosening).

    As such, demand for the roller-delayed blow-back weapons has grown tremendously. Companies such as PTR have bough up wholly licensed HK manufacturers and started growing production in the US. In other cases, foreign manufacturers not subject to the bans have partnered with US companies to import licensed and unlicensed copies of the old designs.

    Zenith is one of those, having previously hit the US Market with its Z-5 series, which was a small dud due to the US market not liking all the changes to the base MP5 design. Taking feedback to heart, the re-released Z-5 is nearly true to the MP5 design, even made on the original German machines. They have now been released in multiple configurations, the “P” being the “K” version, the “RS” as standard and a full Z-5 16″ rifle.

    IV8888 is one of the first to get his hands on a pistol and received the tax stamp to mount a stock to the platform. Combined with a can and sub-sonic ammo, the Z-5 is a fun little blaster.

    We’ve likewise gone hands-on with the platform at Big 3. 


    Nathan S

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