Functional Wood 1911

    Although it’s not a brand-new video, it is one worth revisiting. The guys at created the video below to demonstrate their wood 1911, which is mechanically functional. Their guns are, of course, collector’s items and if you are not interested in the guns you just might want to take a look at their accessories.

    Accessories include carefully crafted rifle stocks, 1911 grips and 1911 display cases. The rifle stocks come in a variety of finishes including checkered, smooth, and multi-wood inlays. There is something to be said for quality woodwork and the images on the company’s site display some beautiful pieces.

    While it is true you cannot fire one of these pistols like you would one purchased from a major manufacturer, it’s impossible to ignore the craftsmanship and the cool factor. Yes, cool factor. If you’re a fan of the 1911 you get it: there’s just something inherently cool about a replica pieced together from 116 meticulously carved pieces of wood. (Even better is the Black Gaboon Ebony version pictured on their website which is, unfortunately, listed as “sold”.)

    This is one of those fun gun-related things to take a look at – and, admit it, you’d love a functional replica of your favorite firearm. In fact, you’re probably mentally calculating just how doable it is right this very moment.

    Take a look at the video and then visit their website at

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