Aguila Reintroduces the 5mm RRM


    Keen observers of the Aguila Ammunition catalog might have noticed that the company is re-introducing the 5mm RRM cartridge to its line up. In fact, the company will be offering three different loads for this cartridge.

    Aguila Loads

    As stated, there are three new loads from Aguila for the 5mm RRM. The first, a FMJ round, does not have any published specifications yet.

    The second load uses a 40 grain JHP bullet loaded to 2,300 fps at the muzzle. The third load is a 45 grain semi-jacked hollow point that is loaded to 2,400 fps.

    No word yet on pricing or a shipping date.


    For those not familiar with the round, the 5mm RRM is a rimfire cartridge that was developed by Remington in the late 1960’s. It was introduced in 1969 and Remington offered a pair of bolt action rifles for it: the 591 and 592. After just a few years, the rifles were discontinued.

    RRM stands for Remington Rimfire Magnum. It uses a .204 caliber bullet and a bottle neck case. Since the 591/592 rifles were discontinued, it appears that only T/C made and guns chambered for this cartridge.

    Taurus announced the Model 590 revolver at the 2008 SHOT Show, but never actually delivered any of those guns. At the same show, Aguila announced a return of the 5mm RRM. Though I’ve never been able to confirm it, I suspect the two companies worked together to bring back the cartridge. Why Taurus failed to deliver the gun is anyone’s guess.

    The 2008 Aguila 5mm RRM used a 30 grain JHP bullet loaded to 2,300 fps.

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