Tank Hidden In German Villa Basement

    Some people have some remarkable collections in their basements. This guy had a WWII Panzer tank among an Anti-Aircraft gun, a torpedo and other weaponry.

    According to the Mayor, the 78 year old owner has been seen “chugging around in that thing during the snow catastrophe in 1978”. What concerns me is that all of a sudden the villa owner, described as leading a secluded life, is now being investigated for breaching the war weapons control act. Why the sudden change? I am sure there are talks around town of the crazy old guy with a tank. So they decided to wait almost 30 years before going in an seizing it?

    I hope the tank goes to a museum. A shame that this collector will be charged as a criminal when he hasn’t hurt anyone.

    It took the police 9 hours to remove the tank from the cellar.

    The story was posted on The Telegraph.

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