IWI US Appoints New CEO

    Just last Thursday, Laura Burgess Marketing announced the promotion of National Law Enforcement Sales Manager, Casey Flack, to the position of CEO for IWI US.

    “Since Casey joined IWI US in late 2013, he has been instrumental in creating and growing the law enforcement division, as well as providing training and continual support to our sales team, retailers and agencies. His dedication and tireless efforts in growing the brand are evident in our phenomenal success and reflective in the direction of our sales growth,” VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Kassnar explained. “As a result, it was obvious the best candidate for the open position of CEO was already working at IWI US.”

    “I am very honored to accept the position of CEO of IWI US,” Casey Flack responded. “With this new responsibility, I am committed to bringing the same dedication and drive to both the civilian and law enforcement markets as I have in the LE division in the past.”

    Casey Flack joined IWI US in November of 2013 after working with OMB Guns as the US Sales Manager and retiring from 18-years of law enforcement service as a former supervisor in the Patrol Division, Firearms Training Unit and as a Team Leader on the Tactical Unit for the Lenexa, Kansas Police Department.

    For more information go to www.iwi.us

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