Clear It. Check It. Lock It. Evolve USA PSA

    Evolve USA is an advocacy group for better gun safety. They use comedy to address the problem of irresonsible gun ownership and negligent discharges. They hired actor Josh Lucas to make this PSA video.


    Their website has a common theme. That you should not shoot something you do not intend to destroy or let toddlers have access to guns. Their mantra is “Clear it, check it, lock it.”

    They have some rather humorous posters for free download to reinforce gun safety. Here are some of them.


    Dumbass 1 Dumbass 2 Dumbass 3 img-poster-whyWereHere

    With the recent shooting of a pro gun mother by her 4 year old, Evolve USA’s message is more poignant.  Here is the story.

    I think we can all agree that irresponsible gun ownership hurts us all. We should all strive to be better gun owners and not just our marksmanship but safe gun owners.

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