POTD: (*Unofficial* Concept Gun): H&K P9 M8

    Mathew writes ….

    Thought I would share something that I thought might make a fun Photo-of-the-Day…since you posted the HK P7 Field Strip video.

    As an Industrial Designer I thought it would be fun to design a modern P7 concept. So I designed this a while back. Had originally posted it on HK Pro and M4Carbine. Great response.

    The P9 M8, a mix of the classic P7m8 and the modern VP9. No squeeze cocker for simplicity and cost. Not to be confused with the P9 of the 1960s/70s. Could be an interesting product with HKs return to striker fire and the renewed popularity of single stacks now.

    Compact P7-like size, single stack, slim, easy to conceal and optional back straps. I figure any future VP9 models in Compact and SubCompact will cover the front slide serration, rail, charging handle, higher cap mag user needs. Not a big fan of the Spiderman grip aesthetic, so i kept the P9 grip design closer to the P7 in shape and texture. Simple and classic.

    Very cool, thanks Mathew.