H&K P7 PSP Field Strip

    The H&K P7 series of handguns were in production for 30 years and are coveted by many. These unique pistols function via gas delayed blowback and are just a dream to shoot. While they certainly look unconventional, the P7 is a West German wonder-gun that everyone should get some trigger time on at least once. So lets take a look inside!

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    – [Voiceover] Hey guys it’s Alex C with TFPTV and for today’s field trip we’re going to take a look at a Heckler and Cook P7 PSP, the P7 PSP is the first model of the famous HKP7 squeeze-cocking series of handguns and to many these just look bizarre In many ways they are actually they aren’t a locked breach which is strange for a nine millimeter handgun They were also very expensive when they were introduced, HK had to actually release an ad explaining why the P7 was so expensive as seen here, you can look at that on Google if you want to, but you know some people may not like these from an aesthetic standpoint but I’ve always thought that they kind of are charming in their ugliness but I digress, so anyways, let’s first check the chamber we’re going to draw the slide to the rear make sure there’s not a round in there remove the magazine and then to get the field tripping process you’re going to want to squeeze the squeeze cocker and return it to battery.

    Now there’s a button located to the rear of the gun and you’re going to press this button while pulling the slide rearwards up and forward.here you can see Now here you can see that piston in there, the piston actually delays the open ending of the breach basically there’s an area of the firearm that’s tapped where gases work against this piston to delay that which is kind of interesting, kind of cool.

    Really that’s all you have to do to field trip and HKP7, they’re very simple handguns from a maintenance standpoint, they are complex in the squeeze cocking mechanism and all that I can show you that in a future review video if that’s something you’d like to see but this gun rides everywhere with me it’s my carry gun, it’s always usually either on me or in my briefcase, so it’s never more than ten yards away from me or so.

    As an optional step you can also remove the striker assembly with a little tool that’s included as seen here this is an aftermarket one because it’s a little nicer but pull the squeeze cocker just a little bit, press it in to the recesses rotate clockwise and it comes right out of there.

    Now there were many variants of the P7 perhaps the most iconic and most desired would be the P7 M13, the M13 was an improved version, you’ll notice it’s got a magazine release in a more traditional place as opposed to a heel release and it’s also got a 13 round magazine so you’ve increased your amount of rounds you can carry in the gun also you can remove the striker assembly without a tool, you just press that and rotate and it pops right out of there.

    But the P7 M13 was actually entered into the trials to potentially be America’s service handgun along with the M9 and Cigs Offering and so on and so forth but it wasn’t to be, it was a very expensive handgun and yeah I guess the military trials favored the M9’s cost and other factors as well but I hope you enjoyed this brief breakdown of what I would consider my personal favorite handgun, they’re just phenominal they shoot very well, they’re incredibly accurate and I really do plan on doing a full review soon, big thanks to Ventura Munitions for providing ammunition for our shooting videos thanks for watching.


    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.